Monday, May 7, 2007

A most beautiful day

Today, I woke up. Today could have been just like yesterday, or like any other day if not for Jordan. Who’s Jordan? He is a master of (or master in) mathematics at my happy university, but more notably he is from PEI (you know that tiny coloured dot on the map of Canada visible only because it has a label attached to it? He is from there). Jordan (and countless others living in PEI) prove that people in (or from) PEI do exist. One day, he discovered my blog and encouraged me to continue this Big Party. And he is a great encourager, for follow his advice I did.

This semester at university is over (for those who still have exams, me included, it will be over in a few days, but this sounds technical, so lets just agree that its over). This means that Jordan and dozens (or rather thousands) other university kids are on vacation. There are some unfortunate kids still stuck in highschool (schoolers) who are not yet experiencing summer joys (and not playing with summer toys).

So this semester is over. And for me it ended especially well (this might be a little premature for I still have an exam left, but as I have studied for it, there is little reason not to celebrate; again, lets forget this little distraction). This is where people ask me for my summer plans, and since I am blogging, I definitely should share these with you. However, I really don’t like making plans, but I can’t leave you empty-handed either, so I am going to have to make stuff up. And I am very good at it too (here are parts 2 and 3). We’ll see. More next time…

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