Friday, October 28, 2005

What a nice professor-guy

My computer science prof surprises us every day. First lecture, he showed us how to navigate Slashdot. Anyway, we are in this descending auditorium where the prof is at the bottom with his laptop, and projecting screen. Oh, he also has wireless. He is telling us about our exam schedule: “I am not allowed to in any way announce the exam schedule. The reason behind this… if you mishear me, it will be on my hands. So, I am not announcing anything…” He goes to the the University website, and clicks “exam schedule” and says “Later tonight, or some other time, you will look up your exam schedule.” From projection screen we read “Dec. 18 somewhat-PM BR”. So we ask him, “Where is BR?” He changes window to campus map, circles around the building and says “To find where the building is, after class in your spare time, make sure to check out the exam map and look it up.” Heh. All, what can I say? What a nice prof-guy.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Happy birthday, Oleg!

You know, I just realized it was my birthday, 20 minutes slow. Most people don’t know that, so lets see if I can turn the day into something special.

Update: It was something special of a day after all: my complex analysis professor has cancelled class and my favourite hot dog guy gave me a free drink. I wish… well!

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