Tuesday, January 31, 2006

From University

Dear readers, I am at the University, math department, computer lab, sitting with bunches of random people. You won’t even believe who these people are. They are first and foremost, strange. Very, very strange if not peculiar. This guy to the left, he is typing as fast as I am typing this entry, and there are two other schmucks sitting beside to the right and laughing at him. And now some other guy is coming in, looking around. If I didn’t know that he was an not an idiot, I’d genuinely believe so. But sadly he isn’t. There are also other people walking around looking for spare computers, well actually they are not, because there are plenty spare computers around, but trust me, they are walking, looking, looking. Looking, perhaps staring, staring so much that I am hoping they are not looking at my screen right now, watching me write this message where I make so much fun of them. Ok, they are not looking here, but they are definitely looking for something. But I’d doubt they will find anything as there is nothing here. Such strange people these folks are!

Update: I tried to post this at university, but they didn’t have a save button on the blog page. Had to do it off home. Bummer.

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